Woman getting aerolase treatment
The Aerolase is a unique, gentle medical aesthetic laser which is able to achieve unrivaled results for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. It is a reinvented “ND:YAG laser” and works effectively in all skin types, while minimizing the chance of discomfort or burning.

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Current pricing includes:

Service Name
Price Per Treatment
Package Price
Face - tightening
$1200.00 (4 treatments)
Lesions up to 2
$300.00 (4 treatments)
Lesions up to 6
$600.00 (4 treatments)
Lesions up to 10
$900.00 (4 treatments)
Veins on face
$300.00 (2 treatments)
Veins on legs
$400.00 per leg
$1400.00 (2 treatments)